Where to Sell Unused Stuff

Over time, you tend to collect a lot of things that you’ve previously purchased and used and gotten over with. These items which used to be of great use to you could now be found unused stuck somewhere in your closet, in your attic or in your garage. Although they’ve lost their use for you at the moment they can still be of use in the future or they can bring you extra cash if you sell these items to other people who have use for them.

When you decide to get rid of some stuff that you own the first question to ask is where to start. Deciding which items to sell takes a lot of effort and figuring out where and how to sell them can be equally exhausting. Luckily, you live in a time where options for you to sell you preloved stuff is easier than ever. Here some methods on where and how to sell your pre-loved items.


Have a Garage Sale

This works well with items that people may find great for everyday use. Your clothes, your children’s toys, up to the decorative items that you have long been keeping in your stuck room can find a new home if you put them on a garage sale. Use that extra space in your yard and get that “Garage Sale” signboard up to begin business. Decide on the price of how much you want to sell your items and considering that you’ve already used them, be ready to haggle and negotiate.


Contact a Dealer

If you are planning to sell collectible items such as antiques, furniture, jewelry, a John Lennon signed guitar or album, your target buyer is too specific that you won’t easily find them walking around. This is why a garage sale would be a bad idea to sell these items. A dealer or a specific person who knows these items may already have a pool of buyers who are interested in these type of items. Not only that the dealers can help you get a buyer but they can also give your item the highest value it deserves.


Use Online Shopping Sites

It has been said that you can find and sell a lot of things on Ebay. This is true. When I was selling my caravan I posted it on Ebay and though it took over a year somebody bought it. This is the same for all things that you find difficult to sell on a garage sale. The right buyer could be somewhere outside the country waiting for you to post your item on sale.