Holiday Horrors: Motorway Meltdowns Explained!

Many people head off on holiday day trips and bank holiday getaways throughout the year with excitement bubbling in their tummies and boots packed full of picnic supplies and buckets and spades. There really is nothing like a day trip to an English seaside for hot fish and chips and fighting off hungry, vinegar crazed seagulls. Taking the car on one of these trips can be far more liberating than booking a train to do so as you are not limited to train times and where you want to go. Of course, most holidays go off without much bother but what do you do if things don’t go to the plan you set out? What do you do if you have a breakdown in the middle of the bank holiday traffic? What do you do if you pick up a puncture from a random stray nail?

6115560797_532480cab4_zIt does go without saying that if you have existing engine issues, tyre issues and you need transmission repair in Arlington TX you shouldn’t be taking a road trip in the first place. However, in those times of total need as long as you haven’t got any obvious car issues and you note down the numbers of excellent car repair services you should be well prepared. It goes without saying that being stranded in motorway traffic on either a very hot summers day or snow storm flurries it can somewhat spoil your day. Worse? If the breakdown happens with kids in the car – absolutely not ideal. The strain and difficulty of the situation can be eased considerably if you are clear in your head about what to do next. If something does go wrong, don’t be too eager to pump the brakes if it isn’t necessary. If you’re in a situation that your engine has stopped you need to keep your momentum up until you are safely on the side of the road and preferably in the hard shoulder area.

If you break down on one of the new-fangled ‘smart motorways’, on which traffic is allowed to use the hard shoulder as a lane, try to use a lay-by if you can get to one or failing that, stop as far to the left of the road as you can. Motorways are under constant monitoring so emergency services will see that your car has stopped and help you by closing the slow lane so you’re not hit. Yes, it causes back up for the rest of the drivers on the road. No, it’s not your fault. You cannot control whether the car breaks down you can only control how you handle it and if you move in an efficient manner then you can ensure the least amount of disruption to traffic around you.

If you have one, stick on a reflective vest and put on the hazard lights of the car. This way, other drivers will see you especially if it’s dark outside. You need to be as safe as you can and you should always keep a bag or holdall of supplies for an emergency in the boot of the car. This can include reflective wear, snacks, bottled water, a fleece, torch and cones. You can never be over prepared and this way your holiday meltdown can be fixed smoothly.