Brilliant Teambuilding Ideas.

Sometimes it can take more than a few pints of beer at the end of a very busy Friday to wind down with work colleagues. Sometimes even though we all hate to do it, socialising with colleagues is imperative when it comes to maintaining business relationships. So we’ve put together a list of corporate weekender ideas for team building, general fun and friendship building. Sometimes it just does take a weekend to get rid of the cobwebs and unwind!

  • Wine tasting experiences. Booze and bonding, what more could a company want?! No, really, a wine tasting weekend is just perfect to be able to unwind and enjoy yourselves together. It doesn’t have to be about building business, but instead building a friendship together to strengthen a team bond. Not to mention among all those vintages, you’ll learn a lot and enjoy fantastic wines.
  • Cocktail making classes. I promise, not all the events will be alcohol sponsored, but cocktail making is fun, tasty and really helps teams to bond. The baristas get into the classes and make it all inclusive fun and you get to learn something about the different vodkas Russia has to offer.
  • Wipe out. Everyone who is anyone has seen It’s a WipeOut. You know, the big blow up obstacle course, lots of mud and lots of fun. Working in a team, getting hot and racing around an inflatable course with the risk of landing in the water or mud is one of the most fantastic ways to build excellent relationships. You’re either going to laugh your socks of when someone you’re not fond of falls on their face, or you’ll learn to help them up and keep them going. You’ll be able to make new friends or reaffirm old friendships.
  • The Races. A swanky day out full of betting, drinking and general merriment and a mass way to enhance communication skills with your team. Dress up and enjoy your day with your colleagues knowing you’ll be able to learn to manage a budget and learn to delegate in an informal environment.
  • Golf weekend. Booking a golf break with your team so you can all learn (or hone) a new skill together is always a great plan. Golf tournaments have exploded in popularity in recent years. Choosing an excellent venue, even nicer clubs and buzzing around on an electric golf caddys for sale especially when winning can feel luxurious. Enjoying a delicious dinner afterward and discussing the games you’ve just played is a way to talk away from work and build relationships away from the office.

There are many ways you can join together as a team and golf is always a favourite. You don’t even have to know how to play you just have to do your best to hit that ball off the tee; admittedly an absolute feat for some but still the fun comes in trying. For corporate weekenders, having fun is the main attraction.