A Type of Bus for You

Bus is one of the transportation for a large people. It also has a lot of types for a different purpose and places.

Mini bus

Accommodate up to 30 passengers and 20 luggages, 30 seats is the seating capacity. It is a front-engine vehicle it means the engine is in the front of the vehicle and the driven wheels are in the rear. Mostly it used for a private transportation but in Europe, mini bus is use for public transport. For the sake of tourism purposes so it will use for a tour within the historic city centres. Midi bus is the name of a large mini bus.

City bus

It’s provides a destination and route indicator that place within the windscreen either in behind or above. Multiple doors for the exit, no luggage space, has the capacity for standing-passenger, fare verification equipment, pull cord button for request to stop the bus. Most of the city bus today is equip of a passenger information system; a system provides electronic real time information about the passenger. Part of the system is to predict about the time of arrival and departure time including nature, weather and some disruptions in the road. Because the city bus have such a system in can be connect to the web browser and mobile device.

inspection of car

Intercity bus

Bus for a long travel, compare to city bus it stop several times depend to place location either within the city or town while intercity bus has a specific place location to stop either near city or travel. Almost of the intercity bus are operates by a private industry, government agencies, and business. Intercity bus can compete with the train because it can be cheaper and flexible than taking a train. Countries have no train services; can use the intercity bus for a long travel. Particular in rural areas, intercity bus services are useful because it has less public transportation.

Executive bus

The most expensive bus of all, inside the bus you see an equipment for meeting facilities and office. This bus is made for charter meeting but lately executive bus is open for multi-purposes like parties, airports transfer, work function, debutantes, bridal parties and winery tours. This bus can be describes as a VIP bus; it has a plasma TV, disco lights, sound system, air condition and toilet. A bus where you can hold a particular events. Maybe on the outside it looks just an ordinary but when you get inside is totally different from another bus.

School bus

Bus for the students who will going to school and after school; not only that school bus is also for activities which corresponds to school academics such as campaign camp, school tour and sports event. The school bus should equip with signs and warning lights.

These are the common type of bus you always see in the road every day. If you have a friend looking for a service that relates in accident repair bus coach try visit the site.